Last summer, I was the design intern for Delotite Digital’s advertising in Manhattan called Heat. Six interns collaborated to create a strategy and two 360 campaigns in order to increase the NFL’s decline in viewership. For the final presentation, I designed a 100 page pitch deck that we presented to the company and one of Deloitte’s NFL clients.

CHALLENGE:  The NFL’s viewership decreased by 10% in the last year.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  The football “curious” - those who use football as a way to spend time with others. We narrowed down this target audience to the 18-34 age group, which shockingly has the lowest viewership percentage.

GOAL:  How do we turn the football curious into football lovers?

AUDIENCE INSIGHT:  The game alone isn’t enough to inspire the football curious audience; they want an opportunity to interact with the game in their own way.

STRATEGY:  Make the NFL about more than just the game.

CREATIVE STRATEGY 1:  Make the game yours.
CREATIVE STRATEGY 2:  Football is a constant in a changing world.