I’m a content designer based in Chicago. I work for Deloitte Digital on a super cool production team. When I’m not inside of the Adobe Creative Suite (which is rare), you can find me at a concert, on a roadtrip, or playing guitar hero iii on expert. 

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Visual Communications in Advertising and a minor in Media Arts.  For half of my college career, I was a psych major but spent all of my time creating videos and graphics for fun while teaching myself animation and other skills. With a strong interest in consumer behavior and what influences people plus a constant desire to create content, I came to the realization that I belong in the ad world - so here I am.

3 American Advertising Awards

2020 Outstanding Designer of the Year (USC)




From my camera roll to my bedroom walls to my Spotify playlist covers, everything I do is creative.

I also spend way too much time making videos for fun.