Electric Bird Media

A local photographer launched a drone enterprise to produce high-quality videos for Charleston, South Carolina’s marine biology and property businesses.


I created a logo and brand for a fire suppression manufacturing company focused on developing innovative fire hose products.

Reade Partners

Charleston Central Mortage Guys

A duo known for their facial hair started a mortgage company together.

Voytechnology Partners

Voytechnology Partners helps to drive people, process, and technology improvements in the go-to-market domains of high growth B2B companies. Small companies don’t really know how to operationalize marketing scales, so Voytechnology takes them on a start-to-finish voyage.

CCO Peer Circle

Media Solutions

Media Solutions provides end-to-end services to modernize every part of their clients’ media pipeline in three core areas: Production, Management, and Distribution. I gave the company a full rebrand, including their logo centered around data and growth.


Conquer is a mobile iPhone app that launched in 2021. The app allows users to organize pick-up sports games with other users of their choice near them while also supporting related charities. I worked as the Chief Design Officer to brand the application by creating a logo, mobile UX design, website design, marketing materials and social media content.

Outer Banks Camera Crew

A popular tv show called Outer Banks reached out to me to design the shirts for their crew members.

Spicy Bread Co.

A local bread company in Cincinnati started selling its Spicy Cinnamon Bun to local grocery stores and needed a brand.

Will Wolfe Music

Will Wolfe is an up and coming artist who needed a brand for his new album called “Something For Everyone.”

Studio de Harp

An artist an El Salvador needed a sticker esque logo to promote her surf/skate artwork at local shows!

Overy Easy Music Management

Over Easy is a startup music management company based in Brooklyn, NY. In college, I was asked to design a simple graphic logo that incroporated the name of the company, thus the yolk inside of the record.